@francis isn't the fact that mass production creates an abundance that workers are denied access to just a basic restatement of Marxism 101?

@NoahH Yes, but how many people get to Marxism 101?

Explaining it reasonably simply without mentioning Uncle Karl, showing that it's just obvious, is part of what the substack is about. Although I do mention him quite a bit in other articles.

@francis fair enough.

I feel ya. It's just one of those things where every other science can honor its founder. We can sing newton's praises for being the last alchemist and the first actual physicist people are surprised if I go anywhere near the S word re: Marx despite how increasingly valid history makes his predictions.

We should be able to talk about the beginnings of economics as a true science yet here we are.

His prescriptions for how to deal with it, not so good but now more than ever the concentration of wealth and the corresponding class warfare rages ever stronger.

Which is to say that we're basically on the same page.

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