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Top right took a couple of attempts to get 721


@kim_harding @theferret And moaning to camera that "they don't want their kids to have to hide in a cupboard if they say they're English"; "no one serves meat and two veg any more"; and "we used to be a country of tea-drinkers, now it's coffee."
Word for word.

Shamelessly pinched from the World Bollard Association ™️

Think Asimov at his most boring when Hari Sheldon is explaining things.

Ah well.

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I really enjoyed 3 Body Problem on Netflix

Remembered I'd read the first volume on Kindle unlimited ages ago but bought the trilogy

The second book is so hard to read. Full of people making speeches explaining things, like the SF written in the 1950s.

Really interesting characters with fascinating internal lives, but those speeches, just not necessary.

Needed a really good edit, but maybe it works in the original literary tradition.

Sticking with it because I want to know what happens.

Email asking for participants in a study of disabled people.

All the information in an attached JPG flyer.

With no text alternative. 😵



The Rwanda Bill (UK) "is a shameful and performatively cruel law that will risk people's lives and betray who we are as a society."

We've signed an open letter alongside 250 other civil society organisations to oppose this attack on human rights and the rule of law by an increasingly dangerous, authoritarian government in the UK.

Read in full here ➡️

#Rwanda #rwandabiill #humanrights #Sunak #ukpolitics


Don't get me started on Ubuntu changing how system services are loaded because pretty a few years ago.

Moved to later version and all my scripts had to be rewritten.

Better is the enemy of good enough.

Energy is better spent on actual pain points instead of forcing the other 95% of us to rewrite stuff every few years.

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Has any other Linux head come across "doas"?

Man pages claim it's easier and better than sudo.

I just wanna get stuff done, why did someone solve a solved problem instead of doing something useful?

Sudo is at least 30 years old and just works.

A sad day for human rights and a terrifying one for asylum seekers in the UK, who are made scapegoats for a failing government.

#Rwanda #AsylumSeekers #HumanRights #UKPolitics
UK passes bill to send asylum seekers to Rwanda | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

I was looking for a new gig because the company I work for is totally under resourced and I basically couldn't do my job.

They're offering me redundancy

That makes life a lot easier.

#Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite #CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money 🤑🤑🤑

Some of the 400 bodies discovered in mass graves at #Nasser Hospital in #Gaza.

According to reporting, these bodies include children with their hands tied behind their backs — murdered while in captivity, a direct breach of the #GenevaConvention.


⏹️⬆️⏹️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️⏹️⬜➡️➡️➡️ h

The good news:
Shabana Mahmood, the Labour shadow justice secretary has come out forcefully in support of the ECHR....

The bad news:
Shabana Mahmood, the Labour shadow justice secretary thinks the solution to the UK prison problem is to build more prisons....

And while she is right, 'Change will not happen overnight... We cannot wave a magic wand & return our legal system to its former glory'... lets hope at least the mood music will change quickly!

#ruleoflaw #prison #ECHR

h/t FT

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