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Please, remind your right-wing friends that they can kill the woke virus by microwaving their phones on high for seven minutes.

I dunno why everyone's frothing about the 20 speed limit. All the selfish fuckers are doing 50 in the 30 anyway. Or tailgating those of us who actually do the limit.

Enforcing the exiting limit would make things much safer without all the messing about.

Moderately amusing

I was writing an article for my Green Plenty substack and thought I would try the dictation software on my Macbook

"Capitalist" was being rendered as a capital S

Which made the text read a bit oddly

I think we really missed an opportunity a couple of years ago when we didn't call NFTs “grift certificates”.

@flexghost No we just got to the point where people like Musk, Brand and co were getting more regularly exposed so they no longer pretend to hide who they are. We are now in the era of "what you gonna do about it prole"

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’
Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering “gene therapy” treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run.

#medicine #pharma #business

@CoachMark We've done a lot of different ones. A few of my favorites:

We took turns lying face down on the ground with a spilled bucket of the good candy, we told the kids that's what happens to kids who stole candy and said they could have it if they wanted to try and get it. We gave them candy anyway, so they had to decide how brave they were. Little kids didn't give a fuck and would go pick up a few pieces and even poke the body a bit and be on their way, older kids would either not even try or would be terrified, we'd spook them if they got close.

We did Spooky Christmas a few years ago, decorated the garage like Christmas in a haunted house, my Brother dressed like murder Santa. You had to go tell Santa what you wanted to get candy. The best part was once again Little kids aren't afraid of Santa, even if he's carrying a head. In fact, they were so excited they wanted to hug him and sit on his lap and the whole deal. It was adorable.

When facing the "All we need is STEM!" approach to education, my usual response is:

Developing the vaccine was the STEM problem; distribution & getting shots in arms was the Social Science problem; getting people to trust it & combatting misinformation was the Humanities problem -- which did we fail?

Capitalism is a death cult. It's capitalists vs everyone and everything else. There's no compromise. It cannot be reformed. The possibilities for "what do we do instead???!?!?!!???" are endless.

I'm going for a walk.


Adding to this 6 weeks later.

Quakers aren't allowing anti-trans orgs to hire their venues, refused permission to anti-trans entryists who tried to start a "GC Quakers" group, no longer stocking a book by a Quaker author because they are anti-trans on social media and they're actively blocking anti-trans people from their social media sites.

#Trans #Quakers

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I updated Mastodon a while back but I'm running it on an old Linux and the version of the graphics processor ImageMagik was too old, so I installed it from source to get it working.

But it wasn't.

It also needs libraries for PNG and JPEG to be installed to work.

I need to migrate it to a new Linux but also have a life

But if you were wondering that's why my profile picture wasn't working for a while.

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