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Small announcement. I have commissioned a Mastodon instance at registrations are open if you want to join. There's a few things I still need to do to get a broader pull of toots from the fediverse but it's there if you want to register.

That thing where you need your Microsoft login deets for some reason and it's on so you can't find it in your password manager when you type "Microsoft". That thing?


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It was our trade unions which fought for & won the minimum wage, maternity & paternity rights, pension provision & the holiday & sickness entitlements which have benefited us all

If that’s β€œmilitancy” l’ll have some

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If sending Letters is the new Fightback plan, then they ALL just need to just piss off

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Look at those Numbers... MP's are not on your side... Meanwhile, The one's that are, Keep trying to appeal to Morals & Rules that do not Exist for them...

Every day since the pandemic started I see posts being furiously promoted by bosses saying that work from home is bad for everyone and the employees all actually hate it and the employees saying what are you talking about, we like this

The status quo is in fact a decaying lump of shit

I'm writing another book (can't help it)

This is one of the things I will explain in more detail when I get to it.

This was awesome!!!

My name is Steven Chau and I'm a director/choreographer from Toronto, Ontario!

I just directed a short dance film to Harry Styles' "As It Was" in collaboration with Pursuit OCR, an adult playground.

I wanted to depict the dread of the corporate 9-5 lifestyle and wanting to be able to have childish fun again through this dance piece. I'd love for y'all to watch it

Deleted FB and the twiitteh from my phone. FB in particular was wrecking my chances of doing the things I want to do. I had 5 weeks before new job starts and feels like I’ve wasted nearly 2 of them being entertained in a way that makes me depressed and anxious.

Wrote down about some #SSH configs I use that might be not so well-known, hope its helpful:

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The water levels have dropped so low you can literally walk across it in some parts. It's now becoming an inland beach. Transport ships can now only carry 30% of the load, tripling transport costs. The EU response -they are trying for "Carbon Neutral" by 2030. Bit late....

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look, I may not approve of Donald Trump's theft of classified intel, but he is a former president and I will defend to the death his right to be arrested, dragged away in handcuffs, humiliated, tried for his crimes and chucked straight the fuck into some dark prison

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We had one fire in the living room and a paraffin heater for the rest of the house, we also only had one cold tap and a outside toilet
It wasn't inspiring, it was cold and hard. Now fuck off with your false nostalgia.

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Ever thought the culture wars may be a distraction while the Conservatives loot the country? πŸ€”

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Unite general secretary @UniteSharon said that a typical 4% pay offer for NHS professionals including scientists, health visitors and speech therapists amounted to a "massive national pay cut" at a time when inflation is forecast to top 13%.

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