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I'm also over the defendants of these data vacuums saying "if we give you your information, then it becomes a potential security issue for the company"

No user asked you to monitor every fucking aspect of their online experience for the purpose of advertising - that was (and still is) a business decision. It's also the reason why companies like Microsoft and Facebook have ramped up their own data harvesting projects - in hopes of having something Google did. Apple managed to pull the rug by convincing people that "well if no one but us can read it, you should trust us too".

We shouldn't trust anything we can't publicly and transparently verify (and I swear if someone does the "security through obscurity" bullshit, I want you to stop thinking from the lens of a white cis man and think of those who don't have the privilege of obscurity in a landscape that does everything to highlight how "different" people are). I want literal effort into de-jargoning stupid legalese that aims to make it harder for people to know if Google will allow information to be used for explicit profit and not the benefit of those seeking information.

I need to quit this industry.

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"I'm a capitalist" - you have a patreon, sweetie. If you were a capitalist, and not some simpleton defending capitalism, you wouldn't need one.

Every time some fkwit tells me that AI will write better code than I do.

It's not writing the code, that's maybe 10% of the job

The other 90% is understanding what people actually want and then making sure it's properly tested

Back in the early days they used to call just rewriting bad processes "paving the cow paths"

Nothing has changed

The current crop of AI blx will give you super fast cow paths

Good luck with that

I just saw a post from a "sovereign individual" type

Oh, dear me

The state has a monopoly on violence, sweetie, it doesn't need your permission. No amount of stamping your foot can change that. Educate yourself a little, eh?

RT @earthygirl011
You absolute fraud @Ed_Miliband You were smeared as an antisemite too, * and* you lost a GE. You know as well as we do this is factional warfare, against socialism. And now you're *using* antisemitism as a weapon. Shame on you, you coward

RT @unionlib
I don't want the government to "crack down" on homesless people, I want the government to house them. Why do we allow these chinless cousin fuckers to invade our society with their born to rule fascism.

Inflation caused by shrinking work force due to early retirement. Not the half a million EU workers who left due to Brexit. Nothing to do with Brexit. Brexit was a great success. #UKPolitics

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yes, yes, "targeting," "cracking down," "stamping out," those well-known, very effective methods for stopping people being poor and homeless

I'm crying with laughter here.

If you needed a demonstration of aristo entitlement ...
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Senior royal spokesperson Lady Burlingham Smythe has informed Westminster that in event King Charles III dies before Queen Camilla her full royal title will become "Queen Camilla,Mother of the Nation". In recognition of her service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

RT @Glenn_Diesen
24 years ago today, NATO began its illegal war against Yugoslavia.
When the media criticized the bombing - NATO bombed the media outlet. When China criticized the bombing - NATO bombed the Chinese embassy. Then a criminal tribunal was set up that would not investigate NATO.

RT @TheMcKenziest
Oh no worries then since the cops breaking the arm of an elderly deaf woman was just a โ€œmisunderstandingโ€

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I've just invented an app that auto-generates prescriptions from a patient's description of their symptoms. Soon we won't need doctors!

Instead, we'll just need patients with medical training.

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So I attempted to work with ChatGPT on an original coding problem, starting with a set of business requirements. After nearly 3 hours, I'm giving up. I've been unable to get a complete source listing from it, particularly as ot rewrites the code on every attempt.

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I genuinely hope labour does have a plan to fix the structural failures of Britainโ€™s economy, because the 49% of people willing to vote for them will be extremely disappointed if that plan turns out to be ASBOs and skills wallets.

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