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Small announcement. I have commissioned a Mastodon instance at registrations are open if you want to join. There's a few things I still need to do to get a broader pull of toots from the fediverse but it's there if you want to register.

If UK health spending had matched the EU average per person between 2010 & 2019 – the NHS would have an extra Β£40bn annually. Important work by

We can have European level health services but only if we pay for it. #AutumnStatement

How wonderful.England’s rivers wont meet standards for good chemical health until 2063 they will contain toxic substances for decades. To think in September 2000 overall health of rivers was at 92% yet in 2022 they are at 14%. It is an absolute disgrace.
#freshwaterfish #freshwater #rivers #environment #pollution

musk is now liking tweets claiming antifascists are pedophiles from people designated white nationalist leaders by the southern poverty law center (cc: @michaeledisonhayden @hannahgais)

We created the account at Mastodon only a week ago and this community here grown to over 32,000.

Thank you for welcoming us here, thank you for all boosts, comments, advice, support and your engagement.

We are still learning and try to find our specific language on this platform. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Remember with us and amplify our voice.

#mastodon #Memorial #NeverForget #history #education #memory #Remember #followerpower #follow #Holocaust #Shoah #community #fediverse

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Cost-of-living crisis a β€˜matter of life and death’ for women and children experiencing domestic abuse, campaigners warn

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Republicans yelled about the cost of gas but somehow forgot to mention that they voted against legislation to fight price gouging by the gas companies. They also voted against fighting inflation & against lower prescription drug prices. They are NOT friends of working Americans.

@francis "...when he has something to publicise about discrimination"

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A mother & her daughters were killed in their home after their house was set on fire by a white neighbour. The girls were 3 & 1.

May you & your daughters get all that is good, away from this vicious world. Every khateeb should honour them at jummah today.

"Human Rights left unattended may be removed, destroyed, or damaged by the security services."

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@SaulStaniforth @edwardpoole1975 @AyoCaesar @novaramedia Quite right. He enjoyed a career from making racism count for entertainment value. Here's Sylvia Kristel calling him out for exactly what he is...

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This is not satire, but an actual article in Hudson Institute. All in defence of the "international rules-based order"

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If Keir Starmer cared about racism *at all*, he would not accept a β€˜Politician of the Year’ award from The Spectator.

I made Thanksgiving dinner and now the kids are crying and I'm not allowed to help anymore

Don't trust the marketing of #BigTech if they tell you that everything is securely encrypted, keys are stored securely on a different server, the compute space is encrypted, everything is certified, etc.

If a iCloud bug can decrypt and access the wrong data, anyone else with enough access rights on the servers can do so too.

The best way to secure your data is to store them on the servers you trust.

#Apple #icloud #Nextcloud #security #cloud #trust #digitalsovereignty

A haiku about being an adult:

I am so tired
Where did all my money go?
My back is hurting

I'm so old I remember that both the US and the UK used to tax very high incomes at 90%. AFTER you made a bunch of money THE REST was taxed a lot. If you make $1 billion you "only" take home $100 million.

How MANY problems do we have now with billionaires screwing up both countries, and the rest of the people struggling?

So don't tell me about solutions until you raise top tax rates back where they should be in a democracy.

The POINT of top tax rates is redistribution.

#tax #taxtherich

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