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Missed yesterday’s 800


Pythagoras, the greatest mathematician of Ancient Greece, learned Pythagoras' theorem from the locals while travelling in Egypt, where they had been using it for thousands of years.

Fibonacci, the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages, learned the Fibonacci sequence from Indian texts, where it had first been described 1400 years earlier.

Pascal's triangle originated in Persia more than half a millenium before Blaise Pascal was born - in related news, the first known combinatorics solution came even earlier from THE SAME INDIAN GUY who came up with the "Fibonacci" sequence - Pingala, who was also arguably the first person to specifically refer to zero as a number, along with all sorts of other amazing shit, and who I had never heard of until today because my entire education system deemed him too brown to valorise.

It's hard to even imagine how better educated we'd all be without the pernicious brain rot of white supremacism.











Israel designates a safe zone, only to bomb the civilians who flee there – yet again
This is not an isolated incident

We were making progress on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but then we found out we could generate racially diverse images of Nazis and that was too fun to be reasonable.

« Google said its emissions of greenhouse gasses rose 13% in 2023 on increased data center energy use and higher supply chain emissions, underscoring the costs of the company’s push to integrate energy-intensive AI features across its products. »

On the roof of the NHS England building, yesterday. Banner reads "WE ARE NOT PAWNS FOR YOUR POLITICS"
✊ 🏳️‍⚧️

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #UKPolitics



Caught out 785


Cass Review found to be “deeply flawed”

“In light of this, and the report’s poor understanding of transgender identities and experiences, it is vital that academics, healthcare practitioners, policymakers and the public, question the integrity and validity of the review’s recommendations.”

#UKPol #GE2024 #Tories #Labour #CassReview #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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