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Went to bed last night aghast at the Guardian/Observer's 'Forget Andrew Tate...' headline & telling myself that it was probably just a really crass & brainless headline and the article couldn't really be *that* bad.

I've looked. It's worse. It's just so screamingly fucking DUMB

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"The codification of a revolutionary political line, crystallized through collective militant practice, is more important than what one person thinks." Politics in Command, J. Moufawad-Paul, @MLM_Mayhem

The essence of privilege is that hard work isn't needed, just having the right face in the right place.

Which is absolutely all that Johnson and all the rest of the incompetent, lying, venal crew have going for them.

They're like light bulbs that make it seem dimmer.
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.@BorisJohnson β€˜earned’ OVER Β£1 MILLION THIS MONTH-book advances etc.
Edwina Currie says if you object to that (when we’re paying him Β£84k to…

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I don’t know why I bother @mrjamesob @ShelaghFogarty. You’d lose your jobs and income if you considered the parallels between the narrative creation for Iraq and for Ukraine wouldn’t you. Still, when you lie in bed at night I assume you are ashamed πŸ€”

There's going down the rabbit hole


and there's melting in the heat of the Earth's core


I wish he'd just retire gracefully and go and be some kind of grandee of comedy or whatever. I also wish he'd read a book or two.
🚨 @JohnCleese invites you to β€˜be completely out of touch’ πŸ‘€ with him on his BRAND NEW show coming to GB News in 2023! 🚨

Find out more by visiting the GB News website:


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🚨 | BREAKING: A 61-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly ASSAULTING Matt Hancock on the Tube

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If you call a left-wing person a 'Tory enabler' you're either
a) Unaware that centrists & the Labour Right worked to enable Tory successes at the last two elections
b) Ill-informed about the increasing conservativism of the Labour front bench
c) A bad faith actor

Take your pick.

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We all knew what the Tories’ endgame was for the NHS. It’s not like they’ve ever put any effort into hiding it.

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I recorded this Sunday morning before I knew the second venue for the No To Nato conference was cancelled because of the intimidation they had received. This is Britain,so afraid of debate because their arguments don’t bear close examination- they will be burning our books next.

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Inflation is down, but prices are still up.

Almost like inflation was just a pretext to drive profits?

Apart from this being a bit "wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which fills up first" fantasy.

"We" could try investing ourselves and not selling even more of our country to spivs, price fixers, and tax dodgers.
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The Labour Party will attract global investors to drive our economy forwards.

We will decarbonise the economy, create good jobs, boost energy security and make the UK a world leader in the clim…

Getting a lot out of this book. Very useful if you want to understand how things flare up and then disappear, as well as what class politics should look like. You’ll find it at Foreign Languages Press.

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This week in 1961, US, British and Belgian forces couped and assassinated Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected leader of the Republic of Congo, because he sought to restore national control over the country's mineral wealth. Remember Lumumba.

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@andrewmeyerson @Stephen87386723 @SteveBarclay @Specsavers Aye, here are the Tories, leading by example.

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