Blue plaques across the country commemorate MP votes that have made sewage dumping legal. Pathetic gaslighting responses suggest they won’t be doing anything to rectify.
But remember, voters have the power to remove those MPs at the next general election, in under two years.

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Went to bed last night aghast at the Guardian/Observer's 'Forget Andrew Tate...' headline & telling myself that it was probably just a really crass & brainless headline and the article couldn't really be *that* bad.

I've looked. It's worse. It's just so screamingly fucking DUMB

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Omg this take down of Baddiel's shitty book is so thorough. But it also raises the question as to why we these garbage books are published in the first place:

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"The codification of a revolutionary political line, crystallized through collective militant practice, is more important than what one person thinks." Politics in Command, J. Moufawad-Paul, @MLM_Mayhem

The so-called Tragedy of the Commons was basically white nationalist simplistic bullshit.

Great article on Elinor Ostrom and her work on commons:

All Tyre Nichols wanted to do was go home.

All Trayvon Martin wanted to do was go home.

All Amadou Diallo wanted to do was go home.

Breonna Taylor WAS home.

#TyreNichols #BlackMastodon

Decades of research prove that the best way to end homelessness is...

Give people a home. Seriously. That's it. No strings, no prerequisites, no faith-based, holistic, means-tested, yoga-cebtric meditation parole. Just a home.

This is your infrequent reminder that you can’t get a pointer directly from a loop variable in Go; you have to create a copy in the loop to gat a pointer.

Catches me out a couple of times a year, I think.

#Go #Golang #Annoyances

More than 1,500 scientists on Thursday released a letter declaring that they are appalled by the recent retaliation against colleagues who dared to exercise their civil and human rights with a peaceful protest at a December conference in Chicago.


Read more at: UncensoredNews.US/excessive-pu

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How likely is it that you will still be on Mastodon a year from now?


A neighbor said to me that she and her hubby got worried when they heard my dogs barking and thought about calling the police for a welfare check. I was like don't do that. Stop calling the police on Black homes. My dogs will bark because they are fucking dogs. If you get my Black ass killed over dogs barking my family will sue your ass. Quite a bit of it is ablelist too because I live alone and these old biddies can't imagine a single woman living in a house alone. Stay out of my damn business.

Sorry to get political but schools should probably have books

I found this and want to share. Here is the text from the photo: Imagine taking a few Bible verses on human sexuality as literal divine commands from God for all society, but minimizing the +3,000 verses calling for the care of immigrants, the marginalized, the oppressed, and the poor to a personal choice.

My bank, NatWest, just sent me a text starting β€œheads up”. I’m not from a US sports team and I don’t like it when total strangers try to order me about. It has made me pretty irrationally annoyed.

#BrightonAndHove's irreplaceable black bookshop* Afrori is facing a quadrupling of rent, and will be without premises from 1st April.

They need to raise Β£25k to relocate (including 3 months' rent upfront). This payday, chip in to their crowdfunder here:

* So much more than a bookshop: talks and events, kids stuff, meals, community, and a unique focus on black writers marginalised almost everywhere else

#Brighton #books #reading #Sussex @bookstodon

β€œSince the acquisition, the company's only actions have been to silence critics of Elon, to expose journalists and others to harm, and to violate basic ethical standards and privacy laws."

Maybe we should have thought about that before letting millions of people to become ill with long covid?

Does he really think it's a choice for the people who are off work long-term sick?

β€œYou are responsible for what you put out into the world, and you are responsible for its consequences. Stop functioning as an unpaid empire propagandist just because it's sometimes awkward not to.β€œ

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